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Soufflé pearls

This new type of pearl appeared first at the 2010 Tucson Gem Show in the US and it was called Soufflé pearl. Soufflé pearls are Chinese freshwater cultured pearls that are grown after the first harvest of pearls has already happened. Jack Lynch of Sea Hunt Pearls, whom I met at the Hong Kong Jewellery Show, named the pearls Soufflé and has done great work promoting the pearls. Soufflé pearls were named after the French dessert, both being ‘fluffy and light’.  source: Soufflé pearl earrings The Soufflé pearl is an amazingly unique and fascinating baroque pearl with brilliantly radiant luster, reflecting the full chromatic spectrum of variant colors and orient from majestic gold, violet, lavender, blue to traditional and classic...

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