Pearls are incredibly good looking and singular with many different faces of beauty, giving the wearer the freedom to be oneself without following anyone else's trail. Pearls can be worn with any mood or any look. The simple elegance and nature of pearls can make anyone look dapper. The pearls are handpicked from different pearl sellers and jewellery is made by gemmologist Mariliis Sepper. Every pearl or pearl jewellery comes with detailed description of what pearls you have and also how to take care of them.  


Pearls can be divided roughly into two categories: freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls. The most known saltwater pearls are akoya pearls, tahitian pearls and south sea pearls. The saltwater pearls tend to be more round because saltwater pearls are bead nucleated. For freshwater pearls the different shapes and colours are not differently known and they are all under the freshwater pearl name. Big majority of today's pearls are cultured pearls, meaning the process of pearl growing involves human intervention. Natural pearls are still found but the numbers are small.  


The surface of the pearl can scratch easily, please take special care of your pearls. To clean your pearls after wearing them, wipe them softly with lightly wet cloth and dry afterwards with dry cloth. For pearl strands always lay them on a flat surface, as not to stretch out the thread. Try to avoid pearls getting in contact with perfume, make-up and hair spray. The simple rule of wearing pearls is: the last ones to be put on and the first ones to be taken off. Dry and hot storage space is not suitable for pearls, as organic gemstones, they might dry and surface may show some cracks. Pearls cannot be cleaned with jewellery cleaners. Also please remove all pearl jewellery when using domestic cleaners. Pearl strands may stretch over time, please consider restringing your pearls after some years of wearing them. And remember, pearls look the best when they are worn regularly.

If you have a special request for pearls or pearl jewellery contact me at info@mariliissepper.com.